A global network of local experts.
At your service.

Our qualified staff operates from all over the World, when and where you need them most.

Express Global has grown in over the years with a Global mindset but aware that only with a deep knowledge of the local scenarios and of the peculiar dynamics of each ports, airports and landpoints it can give to its customers an outstanding service and a competitive advantage.

Only with the domain expertise of our people we can guarantee our customers true support along the whole supply chain, where and when they need us most.

This is why we only work with highly specialized and trained staff from our operative offices in Italy, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, UK, USA and China.

We can also extend our scale thanks to the continuous cooperation with specialized, international network partners which we have worked with since years.

With our wide range of shipping services we can easily satisfy any customer's needs from and to every country in the World. Explore our Business Units specialization and contact us for further information.

Discover each Unit specialization.

The Global scale is in our name and in our DNA but we choose operate worldwide with small team of highly qualified people located nearby the major ports, airports and landpoints worldwide.