Freight services for the Automotive industry

The automotive supply chain is a global challenge, partner with a Freight Forwarder with a first hand experience.

The automotive industry has evolved over the years and now presents a global challenge.

With production of various components outsourced worldwide it has become more important to work with an experienced supply chain partner. Supplies must be available immediately when they are required to avoid costly interruptions in the production line.

As the automotive industry has continued to focus on efficiencies the demand for “just-in-time” shipments has increased to reduce inventory being held in warehouses. It is essential to work with people that understand this is a specialized sector and those that can deliver the highest level of accuracy every time.

As Express Global Group we offer a wide range of services for the automotive industry, including "just in time" deliveries, CKD parts (complete knock down), out of hours transport solutions and direct to line.

We can provide immediate feedback regarding the location of the goods and that the parts are available at just the right time.

Discover our full offer of freight and logistics services dedicated to the automotive industry