Freight services for the Furniture & Design industry

In the Furniture & Design transportation, time and conditions are key success factors. We ensure that every shipment of furniture we handle is treated as a priority.

At Express Global we understand arrival on time and condition of furniture can impact a company's reputation.

We know that delays in transit result in lost orders and unhappy customers who have invested money and often taken vacation time to wait for deliveries.

We ensure that every shipment of furniture we handle is treated as a priority. With first class communication, a proactive approach to ensure any delays are communicated at the earliest opportunity we solve problems before they happen!

We work with our customers to manage deliveries to distribution sites based on final leg delivery dates so your first orders out are the first to arrive.

We track each shipment at key milestones and monitor the expected delivery date so if it changes we know, you know and your customers know.

For urgent orders we can arrange priority discharge at the port of arrival, collection and 24 hour delivery options. Our drivers can call you prior to arrival so you know when your furniture will be on site and ready for dispatch.

Our warehouse and distribution services enable us to offer a white glove service direct from container to the final customer. At origin we can provide consolidation, packaging, quality control and labelling services so as soon as it arrives it is ready for its next journey.

By managing the supply chain of global furniture suppliers we have helped to reduce on site inventory, reduce costs and keep our customers, customers happy.

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