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Manage your time critical, high value or perishable cargo with our air freight service.

With daily departures globally from all major airports and airlines no matter, we can tailor a service that meets your needs.

Our established network enables us to handle all shipment types from urgent, “just-in-time” cargo to more complex projects by air from door-to-door at any time with our best in class, solution driven Customer service.

We provide a full track and trace option using the latest technology so you can be confident you will know where your cargo is, whenever you need to know.

We can assist in providing air freight services from/to all major international airports

Thanks to our wide range of equipment and networks we are able to offer a fully customised service to meet both your deadlines and budget.

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General Cargo

Many years of experience allows us to offer a reliable and competent service along with being competitive and aligned with the needs of the market.

The relationships established over the years with all the main suppliers in the sector allow us to meet the needs of our customers on a global scale and offer the right solutions in terms of transit times and price.

Perishable cargo

One of the main features of our offer is our experience handling refrigerated/perishable shipments.

The management of these products need to be compliant with specific National and Worldwide regulations whether it is import or export.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the industry we are able to respond to all your needs and assist you in the best possible way to navigate all local authorities such as Port Health, Forestry commission or Customs.

Dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo is an area in which Express Group enjoys extensive knowledge and plays a primary role in the market.

We have acquired a 360° experience thanks to established relationships with some of the most respected manufacturing companies and >strong>commercial distributors operating in this sector.

Our team constantly participates in training courses and has acquired complete competence in the area allowing us to operate in compliance with all international IMO ADR DG directives.

We can assist you in the shipment of liquid, gaseous and solid products in Isotank containers or container boxes set up with Flexitanks.

Urgent deliveries

We are used to thinking that time is money. This saying is particularly relevant in the global world we live in.

Prepared and dedicated staff are used to reasoning daily so that the demand in terms of urgency is really considered as an absolute priority.

We have expanded our network of suppliers who can provide different solutions so we are able to assist you in finding the one that fits your needs.

Project Cargo

Handling project and oversized cargo requires experience, attention to detail and the ability to identify problems before they happen.

Express Global has a proven record having managed project and oversized cargo to many parts of the world.

Our dedicated project cargo team works with our customers to understand their shipment and find solutions for any special cargo transportation requirements they have.

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